July - August 2017 | Volume 10, Issue 4



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Senior Moments

The EWA Senor Citizen Club is pretty fickle.  The weather is either too cold or too hot but we did manage to do some things between the raindrops and the scorching sun.    Here are just a few.

The LLC didn't wait long after our lunch at the Old Salt before we ventured to the Wentworth By The Sea for another ladies-only afternoon. The Beach weather was a little cool but viewing it through tall scenic windows wasn't bad at all.  Our next lunch spot will be a surprise as we pull the name of another restaurant out of the hat and then we're gone again.

A recent fun day for the Club was a trip to Wolfeboro for lunch on the restaurant's deck overlooking the harbor and a relaxing ride on the Winnipesaukee Belle.  We lucked out with great weather as we cruised by many summer cottages (cottages like Estates) including owners such as Jimmy Kimmel, Bear (Loudon Race Track), Madame Chiang Kai-shek and others. Did you know you can dream with your eyes open?  We did.

We found a new venue for our annual picnic right in our back yard.  The Kingston State Park was a perfect spot for us oldies.  Flat ground, clean picnic tables clean beach and clean, easy access restrooms. There's always big anticipation to see what homemade goodies several members bring along as extras for us all to share. When I saw it all, I fed my peanut butter sandwich to the birds.  We enjoyed another Pound Party at the picnic and  the mysterious brown paper bags earned the Club $35.00.

I'm hoping I can finally report on our date with the Recreation kids in the next issue. (I think I wrote that once before, twice?)  Right now it's set for August 10th. It's been like an octopus trying to put on socks.

Our hopes were to go back the Woodman Museum in Dover to finish our tour of the several thousand displays.  However, we were disappointed when we learned a (large) third grade class had also scheduled the same day.  We had a choice to come or reschedule and I bet you can guess our choice.  We're going in September.

Our guest speaker for the May meeting was Ms. Kathy Stacy, Registry of Deeds for Rockingham County. She opened a whole new world for us.  We've always known where important documents go to and come from but we did not know that technology has completely taken over her entire office.  No more heavy books to look through. "Info at your finger tips" is what she called it. She invited us to take a tour of their facility and use their several computers any time to learn information, and you're invited also.  Of course, we learned a lot from her visit. One was - no need to hang on to old deeds (as I do) because every single one is always safely available "at our fingertips" at the Registry

You won't see us at the Watson for a while.  We'll be in our gardens or reading on the deck, although you might see us at one of our favorite eateries.

We wish everyone a safe and fun filled summer with your families.

Submitted by Irene R. Cote, Secretary